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    14 Feb 2016 
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Tenders and Workplans

Outline Proposal Form

Note to Tenderers:
  1. This Outline Proposal relates to the ESA Call for Proposals no. AO/1-5658/08/NL/US ("ESA Telecom - Newcomers") as published on EMITS on 28 January 2008. The initiative offers co-funding to activities related to satellite communications up to 200,000 Euro maximum. The total cost may exceed 400,000 Euro. For the Netherlands and France the maximum ESA contribution is 150 kEuro. For France an application deadline once a year applies: outline proposals need to be submitted until mid March.

  2. Before submitting an Outline Proposal with the form below, please, familiarize yourself with the documentation that is applicable to this 'Call for Proposals'.

  3. All fields marked with '*' have to be filled in. Once you have filled in all necessary fields, please, click on the button at the end of this application to initiate the submission. If you have forgotten to fill in a required field, you will receive an error message indicating the error and that your Outline Proposal has not been submitted to ESA Telecom.

  4. In the fields 'Business Opportunity', 'Role of Satcom', 'Solution and Approach', 'Background/Experience', please, provide sufficient qualified / quantified information to make your Proposal clear. The listed examples in the various fields shall be understood as a non-exhaustive list of general topics to provide a better understanding on the type of information that is required.

  5. Each field is limited to a maximum number of characters. If this limitation is exceeded, you will receive an error message indicating the error and that your Outline Proposal will not have been submitted to ESA Telecom.

  6. If your Outline Proposal has been submitted successfully to ESA Telecom, you will receive a confirmation by email to the email address that you specified in the form. If you do not receive this confirmation, your proposal has not been submitted.

  7. All proposals will be treated in confidence and will only be seen by the ESA Evaluation Team and the respective National Delegation.

If you repeatedly experience problems with this application, please, contact Mr. Francesco Feliciani (email:, tel. +31 71 565 4109).

Your Details
First Name *
Last Name *
Job Title *
Phone *
Company Email *
Your Company Details
Company / Institution *
Address *

Postal Code *
City *
Country *
General information
Has your company ever had a contract with ESA Telecom before? *
Are you interested in using ESA Telecom's Technical Assets during your project? *
Are you already registered as an ESA Bidder? *
If yes, enter your ESA Bidder Code (max 5 digits) *
If you do not have an ESA Bidder Code yet, you should be aware that you have to register before submission of a full proposal. Registration is possible via the following website:
SME Status
SME Status (within 500 characters) *
(Detailed information will be required within the EMITS registration form. For a definition of the SME status, check the linked document 'SME Definition' (right bar).)

Remaining: 500
Outline Proposal
Proposal Title *
Total cost of activity in Euro (can exceed 400,000 Euro) (digits only) *
Amount requested from ESA (up to 50% of total cost, max 200,000 Euro, for F and NL max 150,000 Euro) *
Do you intend to use subcontractors for your project? *
If yes, in which country are these subcontractors based? *
please give a comma separated list of countries
If yes, what amount of the total cost do you forsee for them? *
Product/Service Description *
describe the product and/or service that shall be developed and later on commercialised / exploited (within 500 characters)

Remaining: 500
Business Opportunity *
provide a rationale of the business opportunity with the key commercial aspects, including the potential target market, the target customers, the competitive environment and own positioning, as well as the market strategy (within 5000 characters)

Remaining: 5000
Role of Satcom *
describe the role of Satellite Communications (Satcom) within the activity (within 500 characters)

Remaining: 500
Activity Content *
describe the approach you will take to elaborate and develop the opportunity within this scheme, including definition of main requirements, description of starting point, identification of elements to be developed, validation activities and validation/qualification status at the end of the activity (within 5000 characters)

Remaining: 5000
Background/Experience *
describe your background and experience related to the proposed activity (within 1000 characters)

Remaining: 1000

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