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    30 Mar 2015 
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A new way of watching television around the home

12 Sep 2013

Global Invacom has developed a prototype system for viewing satellite television using SES-ASTRA’s SAT-to-IP® protocol.

The new system was developed with support from ESA’s ARTES Technology Development Programme and demonstrates how satellite TV customers can view different broadcasts across a number of smartphones, tablets, televisions or computers around the home.

The SAT-to-IP solution enables satellite TV programmes to be distributed by Internet Protocol (IP) to devices around the house.  The IP connectivity can be established via a Wi-Fi network, power-line communications or LAN. 

The prototype product is made up of multiple components, including a new type of Low Noise Block (LNB) which takes the satellite transponder streams and converts them to an optical output.  The software on the users device instructs the Sat IP server to decode the correct  satellite signals and these are distributed by SAT-to-IP technology to the viewer’s screens.  The content can be viewed on any networked IP device in the home with the appropriate software installed.


Global Invacom's new IP LNB is part of the prototype system

The demonstration system shows how it is possible to stream up to 6 different television programmes simultaneously.  Thanks to this multi content output, the system has the potential to be configured to increase the number of end users to 32.  The support of 32 users results in 192 (32 x 6) channels that can be used for a low cost IPTV head end solution. 

The system’s ability to provide multiple channels in one building means there is potential for its use in houses of multiple occupation, blocks of flats or homes where the occupants may wish to watch different channels at the same time on different devices without the need to purchase numerous satellite decoder boxes or put extensive coaxial cabling in place.

Nader Alagha, Telecommunications Systems Engineer at ESA, explained, “We are really excited about the development of Global Invacom’s new product for viewing satellite television.  The demonstration system shows how the innovative optical LNB and IP distribution technology has the potential to change the way we view television around the home.” 

A follow on project is expected to start in 2013 which will add support for premium services to be delivered via IP.

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