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    28 Mar 2015 
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Tenders and Workplans

S-band workshop planned for 14 and 15 May

10 Apr 2012

A workshop dedicated to the S-band is planned for 14 and 15 May, 2012 in the Einstein Room at ESA’s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

This workshop gathers the results of several ARTES funded activities concerning the S-band.

The event is planned to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas for the future of the S-band in Europe. ARTES projects on the agenda presented include:

  • Next Generation Interactive Broadcast Mobile Networks (Space Eng., IT)
  • On Ground Beamforming Techniques (Astrium, FR)
  • S-band High-Power Reconfigurable Front-End Demonstrator (TAS-E, ES)
  • Very High Power S-band TWTAs (Thales Electron Devices, DE)
  • Low cost S-band Rx/Tx antenna for vehicular applications (Calearo, Italy / Jast, CH)
  • MIMO Hardware Demonstrator (Elektrobit, FI)
  • Cost benefit of integration of LTE and satellite networks (Mott MacDonald, NL & Alcatel Lucent, FR)
  • Characterisation of the MIMO channel matrix for mobile satellite systems (FhG, DE)
  • S-band Receiver Chipset (FhG, DE)
  • S-band Receiver Chipset (SIDSA, ES)

Further details on the projects are available by clicking on the summary document link located in the column to the right.

All those interested in attending this workshop are asked to email Ms. Ana Bolea Alamanac  as soon as possible.

For a complete agenda see the links in the column to the right.

Last Update: 10 Apr 2012
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