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    29 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

Presentations: ESA TIA Information Days 2009

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Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Time Title Speaker
09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome. Outcome of Ministerial Conference Nov, 2008 by M. Vaissiere, ESA
10:15 Satellite Telecommunications, Perspectives for 2009-2013 by J.M. Casas, ESA
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 The Preparatory and Technology Related Elements of the ARTES Programme by F. Ongaro, ESA

Preparation Programme/ARTES 1
 - S-Band Initiative
 - CX2 Programme

by M. Guta, ESA
11:30 Products: ARTES 3-4 by J. Sandberg, ESA
11:45 Advanced Technology: ARTES 5.1 and ARTES 5.2 by J. Sandberg, ESA
12:00 TRP contribution to the Telecom R&D by E. Kircher, ESA
12:15 Iris, Satcom for Air Traffic Management: ARTES 10 by F. Ongaro & N. Ricard, ESA
12:30 Lunch
14:00 European Data Relay Satellite (EDRS)/ARTES 7 by X. Lobao & C. Elia, ESA
14:15 The Missions Related Projects of the ARTES Programme Speaker TBD
14:30 Alphabus/Alphasat:ARTES 8 by S. Lascar, ESA
14:45 SmallGEO: ARTES 11 by A. Garutti, ESA
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 The Integrated and Telecommunications related Applications Activities of the ARTES Programme by A. Ginati, ESA
15:45 Integrated Applications Programme (IAP), ARTES 20 Awareness Activities & Feasibility Studies by N. Huebner, ESA
16:00 Telecommunications Applications Projects ARTES 3-4 by F. Feliciani, ESA
16:15 Integrated Applications Projects, ARTES 20 by G. Garofalo, ESA
16:30 Other Applications Projects by A. Ginati, ESA
16:45 Summary / Closing by M. Vaissiere, ESA
17:00 - 18:30 Cocktails

Thursday 4th June 2009

09:30 - 17:15 Face to Face Meetings

ESA Telecom spokespersons

ESA Telecom activities in general
F. Ongaro, Head of Telecom Technologies, Products & Systems Department
A. Ginati, Head of the Integrated & Telecommunications-related Applications Dept.
J.M.Casas, Senior Advisor on Telecommunications

Telecom Preparatory Programme/ARTES 1
C Elia, Head of Future Projects Division
M. Gouta, Head of Commercial Applications Section

Telecom Technology and Programmes/ARTES 3-4, 5.1 and 5.2
J.Sandberg, Head of Technologies and Products Division
M. Le Saux, Head of Ground Segment Products Section
D. Schmitt, Head of Payload Products Section
P. Nugteren,Head of Platform Products Section
Large Platform Mission Programme (Alphasat)/ARTES 8
S. Lascar, Large Platform Programme Manager
A. Mauroschat, Platform Development Manager, Alphabus
Small GEO Mission/ ARTES 11
A. Garutti, Small GEO Platform Programme Manager
P. Rueda, Small GEO Platform Manager
E. Villette, Small GEO Payload Manager
European Data Relay Satellite (EDRS)/ARTES 7
C. Elia, Head of Future Projects Division
X. Lobao, Head of the New Missions and Systems Section
Integrated Applications Programme/ ARTES 20/ARTES 3-4
P. Mancini, Head of Awareness Activities & Feasibility Studies Division
F. Feliciani, Head of Commercial Applications Project Section
G. Garofalo, Head of Institutional Applications Project Section
Iris, Air Traffic Management (ATM)/ ARTES 10
N. Ricard, Head of Iris Programme Office

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