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    21 Oct 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

Telecom Info Days 2007 Presentations

You can download each presentation by clicking on its title.

Monday 16th April

Time Title Speaker
14:00 Welcome / Introduction by J.M. Casas, ESA
14:10 ESA Telecom Strategy by R. Bierett, ESA
14:20 Telecom Long Term Plan by J.M. Casas, ESA
14:35 Opportunities in ARTES 1 by P. Mancini & M. Gouta, ESA
14:55 Opportunities in ARTES 3, 4 & 5 by J. Sandberg, ESA

Coffee break

15:30 Opportunities forAlphaSat by P. Blythe, ESA
15:45 Small GEO / ARTES 11 by A. Garutti, ESA
16:05 Hylas by A. Cotellessa, ESA
16:15 New projects / missions by C. Elia, ESA
16:30 Applications by F. Feliciani, ESA
16:40 Summary / Closing by M. Vaissière, ESA

Reception / Dinner-Buffet (ESTEC)

Tuesday 17th April

09:30 - 17:15

Face to Face Meetings
Time allocation: 30Min/meeting. Registration is compulsory!
Registration forms are available at the Registration Desk near the Conference Room (Newton). Registration is on first come first serve basis!


End of day

ESA Telecom spokespersons

ESA Telecom activities in general
M. Vaissière, Head of Telecommunications Department
J.M.Casas, Deputy Head of Telecommunications Department

R. Bierett, Head of Strategy and Future Programmes Department
P. Mancini, Head of Future Programmes and Applications Division
M. Gouta, Senior Engineer

New Projects/Missions
C. Elia, Head of Future Projects, Missions & Applications Division
M. Wittig, Head of Multimedia Systems Section
F. Feliciani, Satellite Communications Applications
P. Mancini, Head of Future Programmes and Applications Division
ARTES 3, 4 and 5
J.Sandberg, Head of Competitiveness & Technology Division
M. Le Saux, Ground Segment Technology
E. Villette, Space Segment Technology
Dinah Meehan, Annemarie Schaling-Piet, Marc de Bleeker (Project Control)
ARTES 8/Large Platform Mission Programme (Alphabus)
P.Blythe, Large Platform Programme Manager
A. Mauroschat, Procurement Manager
ARTES 11/ Small GEO Project
A. Garutti, Small GEO Project Manager
A. Cotellessa
, Hylas Project Manager

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