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    27 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

Annual Plans of Activities for 2002

During the ARTES Info Days the Draft Annual Plans of Activities for 2002 for the various ARTES Programme Elements were presented. The planned future streamlined ESA Telecommunication Programme was outlined, alongside an introduction to the existing ARTES Programme Elements (ARTES 1, ARTES 3, ARTES 4, ARTES 5).

Based on the responses to the 'Call for Ideas', a draft set of themes was prepared which will be included in the Annual Plans of Activities for 2002. The contents of the draft Annual Plans - summary overviews for the commercial oriented programmes ARTES 3 and ARTES 4, more detailed information of the intended activities of the long-term programmes ARTES 1 and ARTES 5 - were presented.

* N.B. Presentations available as Acrobat .pdf documents linked via the subject heading. To download a complete file containing all the ARTES Info Days presentations, click here (3.66MB).

Agenda 29/30 October 2001
Subject Speaker
Welcome/Introduction A. Mauroschat
Keynote speech: ESA Strategy in Satellite Communications Long Term Plan 2002 - 2006 P.L.Galbo
Implementation of Long Term Plan in ARTES Programme Elements J.M. Casas
ARTES Programme Element 1: Strategy C. Elia
ARTES Programme Element 3: Multimedia  


F. Feliciani


J. Sandberg

Multimedia Systems

J.M. Casas


C. Elia
ARTES Programme Element 4 : ESA/Industry Partnership N. Huebner
ARTES Programme Element 5: Technology  
Introduction A. Mauroschat
User Segment :  

Terminals and Integrated Applications

E. Rammos

Satellite Data Link Systems (SDLS)

C. Loisy

Integrated Navigation/Telecom Applications

P. Pablos

System Concepts and Technology Directions

R. de Gaudenzi

RF and Baseband Equipment

M. Johansson

Antenna and Propagation

A. Roederer

Platform - Satellite and Ground Equipment :

D. Caswell

Platform - Thermal Control Systems

E. Colizzi

Ground Segment

X. Lobao
Start-up Initiative A. Mauroschat
In Orbit Demonstration J. Sandberg
ARTES Programme Element 8 : Large Platform J. Sandberg

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