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    22 Oct 2014 
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Mobile Satellite for Automotive applications

The European Space Agency is dedicated to encourage the application of satellite based solutions for a wide variety of user groups. Mobile satellite for automotive applications is a newer but no less important area for development. ESA supports a number of projects both ongoing and completed to bring the benefits of satellite communications to the automotive user group.

Together with Alcatel Space and EADS Space Services, ESA has initiated the Mobile Satellite for Automotive Applications [MSAA] (see external inks) to understand the motivations and expectations of the car industry and vehicle user concerning communications and navigation satellite systems as well as multimedia possibilities. This initiative will establish the technical and commercial feasibility of traffic, travel and tourist services using satellites.

The ultimate ambition is to generate the necessary user driven momentum in application areas such as:

  • digital radio
  • support to traffic monitoring
  • safety & security assistance
  • road tolling/distance based charging
  • infotainment services
  • personal communication

News related to ESA supported activities in the area of Mobile satellite for Automotive can be found under related links at the right of this page.

Below are current and completed ESA supported projects in the area of Mobile satellite for Automotive.

ESA Supported Projects


Inqilent Technologies [B]

CarBuddy is developing a car receiver that can provide access to 'Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting' (S-DMB) systems.

RISING: Road Information System for Next-Generation Cars

WIT Software [P]

RISING will contribute to the increase of road safety by providing localized and real-time Traffic and Travel Information to vehicle drivers.

INES: INexpensive Earth Station


INES has developed a low-cost, electronically steerable and autonomous tracking antenna suitable for land mobile applications like cars, trains, and trucks in L-band.

Low Cost Scanning Array Antenna


This project has developed a low cost, ultra-low profile antenna which can be used as part of a tracking antenna system to receive direct TV satellite broadcast signals on vehicles while 'on-the-move'.

MMSA: Mobile Multimedia Satellite Antennas

JAST Antenna Systems [CH]

The development and the market assessment of a flat multi-band antenna system for vehicular terminals to simultaneously satisfy the requirements of several Mobile Satellite Systems (MSS) applications

Mobile Ku-band receiver demonstrator

SES-Astra [L]

This project is developing a rich multimedia content transmission system to broadcast information and entertainment, directly from the satellite to moving cars.

ESA Demonstration Vehicles

Mobile S-UMTS Demonstration Van

Designed as a prototype for the ideal urban vehicle of the future, this ESA van is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment supporting a host of satellite-based UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) services.

ESA's Transportable Communications Vehicle

The ESA TCV is a transportable transmitting and receiving vehicle using Ku band with many potential applications benefiting any user needing a rugged mobile station with satellite connectivity, such as Disaster Management situations and news gathering organisations.


TRACKS can provide a rapidly deployable platform and extend coverage of existing telecommunication infrastructure or replace them in times of calamity. TRACKS quickly enlarges telephony and Internet services of a given area, even the rural areas of developing countries.

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