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    31 Mar 2015 
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Agenda published for Civil Protection event

11 Apr 2005

The International Conference on Civil Protection and Space Telecommunications will be held at Palais du Luxembourg in Paris France on 29 April 2005.

The one day event will present results of a survey of various Civil Protection authorities with the aim of finding a European consensus on the actions required to enable full and complete use of space telecommunications in civil protection.

The European Space Agency and the Directorate of Civil Defence and Security (DDSC) of the French Interior Ministry collaborated to initiate the survey on this important question.

The need to sustain user demand is a central focus of the Space strategy being implemented by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Commission (EC). The measure of success of any initiative in this area will be the capability to develop services that are of direct benefit to citizens.

Among the dignitaries present will be: Jean-Francois Cazenave, president of Telecom Sans Frontieres and Giuseppe Viriglio, ESA EUI Director.

'Rescue Operation' and 'Risk Prevention' be discussed by Manuel Gomez Cano of the Spanish DGPC and Thomas Honecke, chief operational of the GermanTHW respectively.

Gilles Bazir, Director of the French National School of Fireman Officers will examine 'Training' issues.

'European Regulatory and Standard Framework' will be covered by Karl Heinz Rosenbrock, Director General of ETSI.

Pascale Sourisse, President Eurospace; Ferdinand Kayser, President and CEO of SES Astra; and Ramin Khadem, special advisor to the CEO and Former Executive Director and CFO of Inmarsat Board will offer the perspective of satellite manufacturers and operators with regard to Space Offer.

The number of persons allowed to attend the event is limited so registration is required before 25 April 2005.

Persons wishing to attend should contact Ms Marie-Hélène Fonteny
at +33 1 64 98 20 61.

To view a complete list of speakers and topics click on 'Agenda: Civil Protection and Space Telecommunications International Conference' at the right of this page.

image courtesy of Palais du Luxembourg

Last Update: 18 Apr 2005
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