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    29 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans
Last Update: 27 Jun 2006
Platform equipment

SADE: Solar Array Drive Electronics



The Solar Array Drive Electronics (SADE) allows command of the mechanism which ensures rotation of the solar array.

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The SADE consists of :
  • DC/DC module which provides :
    - All secondary voltages need for the application 
    - ON/OFF commands and associated status
  • SADE module which provides
    - Regulated current source for north and south stepper motors
    - Position sensors interface (potentiometers and optical switches)
    - Serial TM/TC interface (ML16/DS16 protocol)

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The SADE meets all requirements defined in the customer specification requirements.

Project Plan

The design, development and manufacturing plan of SADE is cut in four phases :
  • Phase one consists of the design and development of electrical and mechanical parts to hold a Critical Design Review (achieved in 6 months)
  • Phase two consists of the EM manufacturing and shock qualification (achieved in 4 months)
  • Phase three consists of the SADE EM coupling test with SADM (mechanism) (achieved in 2 months)
  • Phase four consists of manufacturing the PFM1 leading to perform the full qualification sequence (electrical full performance, vibration tests, thermal vacuum tests, electromagnetic compatibility test (achieved in 5 months)


The SADE is able to drive two stepper motors controlled in microstep by a current sources and to monitor associated position sensors.


The development of the SADE being based on a sufficient versatility to meet most requirements, this equipment has a sale potential as it may be addressed to various primes and may be adapted to different platforms.

Current Status (dated: 18 Jan 2005)

The SADE is now fully qualified for SPACEBUS platform.

All images courtesy of project team

Last Update: 27 Jun 2006
Project Plan
Current Status
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