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    30 Mar 2015 
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Here you'll find news about satellite broadband connectivity in rural areas:

Bringing Satellite Broadband to Britain
02 Nov 2006
There still remain many areas of Europe with out access to Broadband Internet, but a project supported by the European Space Agency's Satellite Telecommunications Department is helping to bridge this Digital Divide. Soon to reach thousand of users, the project called INSPIRE will also exploit the full potential of the new HYLAS satellite.
Debate continues on Satellite solutions for broadband access in Europe 
21 Dec 2005
The debate on the use of satellite telecommunications to help bridge the digital divide is still at the forefront of political and technical discussions. For example, this was raised in London at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce in October 2005.
Forum on Bridging the European Digital Divide
15 Jun 2005
A one-day forum, to discuss and debate issues confronting the take up of broadband solutions in Europe.
Broadband Access for remote areas in Britain
17 May 2005
Avanti Screenmedia of London, UK, launches an innovative project to bring broadband service to remote locations in the UK. INSPIRE provides for the installation of a blend of satellite and wireless broadband Internet access technology in 600 small communities in the UK.
Analysis shows benefits for broadband connectivity in Europe
02 Nov 2004
Bridging the digital divide will remain a key issue in Europe for the coming years. ESA and the European Commission wish to consider the potential of space-based technologies, in conjunction where appropriate with other systems, to bring affordable broadband to disadvantaged or neglected areas such as rural and mountain areas, islands and far-flung outlying regions.

F5 receives 'Prize of the Jury' award
19 Oct 2004
The Austrian Ministry of Commerce presented the award for F5's "innovative digital TV development" under the ESA funded project EBIDS at the National Multimedia and e-Business awards in Vienna Austria.

Digital divide: political will and space solutions
19 Oct 2004
'Space can help to bridge the digital divide', this was the clear message of the Luxembourg colloquium 'On the road to Lisbon', dedicated to the knowledge-based economy from the European perspective, held this week in the Grand Duchy.

ESA Workshop to examine Digital Divide
16 Sep 2004
ESA together with the Henri Tudor Centre for Public Research is organising a workshop on the theme of knowledge-based economy and the digital divide.

ELSACOM to install Digital Cinema
29 Jun 2004
As a result of their ESA Telecom funded project E-Screen, Elsacom has entered into an agreement with Azienda Speciale Palaexpo (ASP) for the establishment of a Digital Cinema 2K projection site at "La Casa del Cinema" in Rome Italy.
Kingston inmedia books success with Instore Digital Media
15 Jun 2004
Kingston inmedia and ESA have recently announced that Kingston inmedia's Instore Digital Media research programme, Project Indigo, has successfully completed construction of a pilot Instore Digital Media and Digital Signage (DS) system.
SkyPlex due for launch
09 Mar 2004
Representing a technological and commercial breakthrough in flexible digital satellite telecommunications, SkyPlex is ready for launch on 16 March aboard Eutelsat's W3A satellite. This satellite platform will deliver Internet and TV services.
Digital divide: French Senate weighs up satellite solutions
02 Mar 2004
Narrowing the digital divide is set to be one of the great challenges of the decade. Satellite systems could be one of the solutions to providing equal access to information for all. The various parties involved in this issue - elected representatives, consumers, industry and institutions - met at the French Senate on 22 January to debate the issue and draw up solutions.
Find out more about space-based solutions for digital equality
22 Jan 2004
ESA Telecom of the European Space Agency have set up a resource of background information and news on current activities to describe how space-based technologies can help bridge 'the digital divide'.
French Senate and ESA to organise colloquium on bridging the digital divide
05 Nov 2003
The French Senate, in partnership with ESA, is holding a colloquium on the subject of "Satellites and Bridging the Digital Divide". The gathering will evaluate the potential role of satellite systems in achieving nationwide digital access. European attempts to date to achieve that goal will also be assessed.

Wireless Technologies shrink the Digital Divide
02 Oct 2003
Two wireless technologies are being used to bring broadband connections to rural areas of England and Scotland. Both local residents and knowledge workers migrating to these areas can both take advantage from this new project. A boost to these rural economies and the market for satellite technologies will also benefit.

Broadband access reaches westernmost points of Ireland
12 Jun 2003
The Irish based Southwest Broadband Initiative (SWB) has established a satellite based wireless LAN broadband connection in Cahirciveen, County Kerry located at 51 degrees 56' 68" North and 10 degrees 13' 80" West. The most western point in Europe this technology has ever reached.

Satellite learning launched at Italian tech fair
12 Mar 2003
Genoa came under the watchful eyes of teachers at TED 2003. The third annual technology in education event showcased the results of the Sat@Once project, a satellite communication system currently piloted by Dschola, a regional school network.

Use of satellite communications in British schools has soared
06 Mar 2003
Now more than 1000 schools have signed up to the broadband educational content provider Espresso Broadband Ltd. The company uses satellite technology to deliver content for both pupils and teachers across England and Wales.

Broadband Internet service, a boost for rural Ireland
21 Jan 2003
The South West Regional Authority in Ireland has secured funding from ESA to carry out trials that will provide high bandwidth broadband Internet access via satellite to remote areas of the country.

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