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    21 Oct 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

Presentations Telecommunications Applications Workshop 2004

The presentations from this workshop are now online and can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant links below.


Day One 10th November 2004


Introduction and Status of the ESA Telecom Applications Initiative

ESA (Francesco Feliciani)
Presentation of Multimedia Market Study Analysys
(James Allen)
UK's Perspective on Satellite Multimedia Applications BNSC (Ian Munro)
Venture Academy Europe Unlimited
(Christian Suojanen)
Parallel Session 1:
Telemedicine and Medical Education
Telemedicine Study Eutelsat
Results of the ASI Telemedicine Studies from a Satellite Perspective ASI
(Alberto Canciani)
Health Information Services Telesana
TeleCare March Networks
SkyNurse Padova Ricerche
SkyMed Alenia
Parallel Session 2:
Location Based Services
PERUSE Securecom Technologies
Mobile Web Services Framework Magion
MUTIS Via Donau
SpaceChecker's Breakthrough in Reefer&Cargo Monitoring SpaceChecker
Support to Navigation Applications Development at ESA (cancelled) ESA

Day Two 11th November 2004  
The Role of Satelite in Promoting Advanced Telecommunication Networks and Services: a Policy Perspective AgCom
(Roberto Viola)
Parallel Session 3:
Broadband Access & Services
BARRD Avanti
HOST Hellassat
BB 2 Trains 21Net
DSB Freetimers
Broadband in the Sky Belgacom
Pacific Skies - BB for Asia Newskies
South West Broadband SWRA
Parallel Session 4:
B2B / B2C
The OTV Channel  PoP Media
Real Time Immersive TV (cancelled) Cybercultus
The Lift Channel Inhouse Technologies
EDIBS Factor 5
MeCA Telesat
ESEMAR Telespazio
INDIGO Inmedia
Parallel Session 5:
Disaster Relief/ Emergency/ Security
Remfiresat INSA
REMSAT 2 Telesat
TRACKS Astrium
SASS Mediamobil
Parallel Session 6:
Distance Learning
Mayflower Kell
SchoolCast AtIT
eTraining for USO ESA
Market Development and Technical Assets for Projects ESA (Andrea Cotellessa)
News from Satlabs ESA (Xavier Lobao)
New Opportunities and Conclusion ESA (Francesco Feliciani)

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