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    27 Mar 2015 
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Avanti launch new broadband satellite multimedia services in the UK

18 Mar 2002

Avanti Communications Ltd (Avanti) today announces the launch of a portfolio of new broadband services.

Avanti is one of the most experienced broadband telecommunications specialists in the UK. Established in 1996 it has been at the forefront of development of a range of new technologies and services related to the delivery of multimedia services by satellite.

During 2000, Avanti was successfully supported by ESA Telecom's Multimedia Programme (ARTES 3) in the development of ABARIS, a pilot project for the digital distribution of multimedia content. This project lead directly to the commercial deployment of an advanced multicast delivery system for Connect TV Ltd., (CTV), a company providing bespoke television services to retailers.

In January Avanti successfully raised capital from a syndicate of private investors which it has used to deploy new satellite transmission infrastructure supplied by Norsat International Inc. Avanti is using this infrastructure to provide Internet access by satellite at speeds of up to 2Mb per second. It has 100% geographic coverage of the United Kingdom and therefore can provide service to any user, anywhere.


Avanti has spent several years developing applications for its core technologies in conjunction with several organisations. In 2001 the British National Space Centre (BNSC) supported Avanti in deploying a trial of broadband Internet access by satellite to small businesses in non-metropolitan communities. This trial was successful and enabled Avanti to deploy its commercial service quickly and efficiently. The service has been marketed initially to large corporate networking customers, and the first contract is being rolled out now. However the product will also be available to SMEs anywhere in the UK from May.


Prior to raising funding, Avanti merged with Amba Broadband Ltd, a company set up to create broadband satellite networks.


For more information, please contact:
David Williams
Chief Executive
Avanti Communications Limited
2nd Floor, 1 Catherine Street
St Albans

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