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    01 Nov 2014 
ARTES Elements
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ARTES 3-4 Applications

Satellite applications can be regarded as the use of space based components and services satisfying concrete user needs. Satellite applications represent therefore a good for which the end user is willing to pay a bill, and which can contribute to the sustainability of the overall satellite communications (satcom) value chain.

Since 1998 ESA has dedicated an element of the ARTES (Advanced Research in TElecommunications Systems) programme to the development, qualification, and demonstration of applications. This programme aims to improve the competitive position of industry in ESA member states in the field of satcom and in their associated utilisation.

This part of the ARTES Programme, called ARTES 3-4 Applications, has been created to support applications projects either originated by industry in response to a permanently open call, or in response to specific applications calls initiated by ESA. More information on those calls can be accessed from the ARTES 3-4 menu on the left.

ARTES 3-4 Applications cover eight different thematic areas, see the table below. Please note that the link embedded in the title of each area leads to a list of relevant Applications Projects, which are either running or finished.

Community Information Services & Capacity Building
Satcom is very well placed to serve communities in isolated or underserved areas, where the provision of ground based telecommunications is difficult or not feasible at reasonable cost. Projects addressing this area have to adopt a holistic approach, which takes into account a number of human, social and economical aspects aside from the plain provision of a communication system.
Distance Learning
Distance learning represents one of the most successful applications areas brought about by ICT. With media rich educational content, satcom plays an important role in the provision of both live and off-line distance learning applications. This is possible because satcom offers the unmatched capability to reach a wide geographical area whilst achieving (thanks to its broadcast and multicast features) a very effective use of the available radio resources. 
Satcom Networks Systems and Services
An important set of applications falls in the generic group of Internet based utilities for web browsing, E-Mail, FTP, messaging, and VoIP. The provision of these generic applications in a satcom environment requires the existence of network systems and IP access services able to provide effective solutions in terms of performance, flexibility and attractive costs for the end users.
Disaster Relief/ Emergency Management
One of the key advantages of Satcom is its ability to remain operational even when the terrestrial networks are unavailable due to damage or overload. This is what typically happens after catastrophic events or in emergency situations, when rescue and support teams have an urgent need to communicate with the coordination centres. These centres can send precise information on the local situation and need to receive real time feedback to enable an accurate picture of the situation.
Innovative applications are key enablers for opening new market opportunities to satcom. The area of Business to Business and Business and Business to Consumer covers the development of novel applications aimed at the creation, delivery via satellite and consumption of digital media for specific business and consumer sectors. 

Telemedicine/Medical eTraining
Telemedicine consists of a wide range of different ICT applications supporting the provision of medical services at a distance. Telemedicine and eTraining often coexist over the same communication platform, and sometimes can even merge during the same session. Therefore, the two subjects are treated together in this thematic area.

Satcom based ICT applications for public administrations represents a relatively new area for ESA Telecom applications projects. These projects are dedicated to providing a range of multimedia information services for the benefit of the citizens or to the staff of public administration.
Location Based Satcom Services
The association between geographical positioning information and satcom based services constitutes a powerful means to monitor, supervise and control any fleet of mobile users. The projects hosted in this area are characterised by the joint exploitation of satellite navigation and satcom.

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