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    29 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
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Last Update: 10 Aug 2007

Internet-Based Satellite Tracking with Message Data Terminal and Sensor Equipment



The objective of the project is to build a complete end-to-end tracking application for use in Automatic vehicle Location needs around the world. The type of terminal had to be independent. So, whether we use Inmarsat D+, Inmarsat C, Orbcomm, or even GSM is transparent to the end user.

The key advantage of the Fleet Management Solution is that the end user reduces costs and improves customers' service.

A large portion of the project was consumed by studying existing hardware alternatives for different parts of the mobile solution.

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The project architecture is made of 3 components, the mobile asset, the message handling center and the end user application.

The Mobile Asset

  • A message data terminal that enables sending and receiving text messages.
  • A programmable IO box that can be used to send information based upon measurements of various sensors.
  • A set of sensors that measure key values on the mobile asset.
  • Geo fencing (Electronic Fence).
  • Power solutions for container tracking (solar panels and batteries).

The Message Handling Center

  • Allow the use of different satellite terminals in a transparent environment.
  • Allow the end user to log in to the Message Handling Center to view their messages on line.
  • Centralize all information in one database.
  • All Linux based servers.
The End User Application

  • Monitor assets on a map.
  • Send and receive text messages from remote assets.
  • Ask units to report their position immediately.
  • View historic date of remote assets to have more control over these assets.
  • View and add statuses to remote assets to make it easier to manage them.
  • Filter on status messages.
  • Manage alarms and emergencies.

Project Plan


Implementing of a high performance Database, integrate vector maps, implement multi-language capability and adding geo-fencing and way point functionality.


Research for building power solutions for trailers. Do research on different message data terminals and finally develop a software package with the following functionality:

  • Measure start and stop via GPS and send messages accordingly.
  • Send and receive fixed messages and template messages.
  • Measure the speed of the monitored asset and send messages on specified thresholds.
Development of software on I/O device that can handle temperature measurements, pressure measurements, digital input measurements and digital outputs and do research for the sensors of these measurements.


Develop an interface that can send fixed messages to the mobile and send and receive template messages. Develop an interface that can filter status messages and link audio and visual signals with statuses, alarms and messages.

Develop an interface that allows alarms schedules to be used.

Develop an interface that enables automatic polling.


The key issues are:

  • Provide a flexible and advanced tracking and monitoring solution to transport company's world wide.
  • Transparency of the type of satellite communicator.
  • Offer a Global solution.


The performance of our overall system has improved by using Linux.
The openness has increased by allowing different satellite and even terrestrial systems. The functionality has improved since we have the best of brand now available.

Current Status (dated: 09 Oct 2003)

The project is in its final phase:

  • All development is done.
  • All the testing is done.
  • The approach to the market has started.

Last Update: 10 Aug 2007
Project Plan
Current Status
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