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    01 Oct 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

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This month in satcoms history at ESA

12 March 2014 Celebrating 50 years of European cooperation in space.
  • 9 October 1998: Hot Bird 5 (part of the Skyplex programme) is launched.
  • 21 Oct 2013: ESA signs a contract with SES, Luxembourg, to develop a new generation of satellites propelled by solar electric thrusters.

  • Tesat's new high-power Ka-band output multiplexer

    22 September 2014 Because of ever-increasing data rates, a critical component for the new generation of Ka-band satellites is a high-power Output Multiplexer (OMUX).

    Another commercial breakthrough for Kongsberg Norspace

    10 September 2014 Kongsberg Norspace (Norway) books its first commercial order for the company's new-generation command receiver.

    Logging the smart way

    09 September 2014 With the support of ESA, Irish company Treemetrics has developed an innovative system that uses space and ground assets to map forests and monitor tree-harvesting machinery.

    Satellite broadband for all

    26 August 2014 Thanks to European telecoms satellites equipped with powerful, high-frequency Ka-band communications, affordable broadband Internet access via satellite is becoming a reality.

    ARTES Projects

    SWOT of the Satellite Video Broadcasting Sector

    The satellite video broadcasting sector, the focus of this study, is part of an audiovisual market characterised by an increasing rate of change. New competitors are emerging including players from the telecoms, IT, Internet and consumer electronics sectors, and consumers’ consumption patterns are changing fast.


    The Pleiades project is based on 2 PHY layer development tracks. These physical layer developments finally lead to a series of new products, mainly MDM6000, MCD6000 and NOP1760.

    New in Documentation

    SATMODO final report

    The SATMODO project is aimed specifically at the round-wood timber harvesting market, by facilitating ”live” monitoring of harvest processes.

    CVICS final report

    The objective of project Cached VIdeo Content Set top Box was to provide a cost effective solution for a satellite based PushVOD (Video On Demand) infrastructure.

    Latest Invitations to Tender (ITTs)

    Priority 1 Tender
    VDE-SAT downlink verification
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 19 Sep 2014
    Closes on: 28 Nov 2014
    Prototype Receiver for Spectrally Efficient Transmission Schemes
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 16 Sep 2014
    Closes on: 25 Nov 2014

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