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    23 Aug 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

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This month in satcoms history at ESA

12 March 2014 Celebrating 50 years of European cooperation in space.
  • 4 August 1984: ECS-2 (Eutelsat-1 F2) is launched.
  • 9 August 2000: First operational use of REMSAT (Real Time Emergency Management via Satellite) during the Thynne Mountain forest fire in British Columbia, Canada.

  • SmallGEO: Reading for testing

    19 August 2014 With the successful mating of the payload and platform modules, another important milestone has been reached in the development of the SmallGEO Hispasat AG1 spacecraft.

    Promising new anti-interference techniques

    07 August 2014 The satellite industry is continually looking for ways to improve the robustness of satellite communications. Under the ARTES programme, ESA has been supporting various approaches to make satellite transmissions less susceptible to interference.

    ESA gives SAT-AIS a boost

    17 July 2014 ESA announces a public–private partnership with LuxSpace of Luxembourg and exactEarth of Canada to develop a next-generation SAT-AIS satellite.

    HYDRA, the multi-headed star tracker

    04 July 2014 Sodern has introduced a version of its HYDRA star tracker specifically designed for the telecommunications market.

    ARTES Projects

    SBGM QM1

    SBGM is the acronym for Sealed Brush Gear Motor and the mechanism is mainly dedicated as in orbit motion control and actuation for solar array panels, but can also be used for other applications where a robust, simple and space qualified actuator is required.


    A 16x16 dual polarized 10.7-14.5 GHz connected antenna array together with supporting test equipment is designed, built and tested, which can be applied for satellite communication systems.

    New in Documentation

    PLANET2 - Final Report

    PLANET2 - Final Report

    SWAY4Edu Final Report

    SWAY4Edu: Satellite Way for Education

    Latest Invitations to Tender (ITTs)

    Priority 1 Tender
    Development of flexible Optical Solar Reflector (OSR)
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 21 Aug 2014
    Closes on: 30 Oct 2014
    High-performance horns with customisable radiation properties
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 19 Aug 2014
    Closes on: 28 Oct 2014

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