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    28 Jul 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

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This month in satcoms history at ESA

12 March 2014 Celebrating 50 years of European cooperation in space.
  • 12 July 1989: Launch of Olympus, the world's largest telecommunication satellite of its time.
  • 25 July 2013: Launch of Alphasat, Europe’s largest and most sophisticated telecommunications satellite.

  • ESA gives SAT-AIS a boost

    17 July 2014 ESA announces a public–private partnership with LuxSpace of Luxembourg and exactEarth of Canada to develop a next-generation SAT-AIS satellite.

    The results of the ESA/EIT Space For Rail Competition

    07 July 2014 The two prize-winners have been announced during a speech by Patrick McLoughlin, UK Secretary of State for Transport.

    HYDRA, the multi-headed star tracker

    04 July 2014 Sodern has introduced a version of its HYDRA star tracker specifically designed for the telecommunications market.

    Two ARTES brochures updated

    02 July 2014 Two ARTES brochures have been updated and are now online. They are both available for download in PDF format.

    ARTES Projects


    The objective of the SatMax project is to develop a low-profile hybrid mechanical-electronic steerable antenna allowing bi-directional high speed IP connectivity on board Light Jets through Ku-band SatCom systems.

    Mobile Terminal Antenna Operating at both KU Band and KA Band

    The project addresses the design, manufacture and experimental verification of the feasibility of a mobile terminal antenna design able to operate at both the Ku and Ka-bands. The challenges are huge due to the wide spectrum bandwidth that must be covered in order to obtain an operational system.

    New in Documentation

    PLANET2 - Final Report

    PLANET2 - Final Report

    SWAY4Edu Final Report

    SWAY4Edu: Satellite Way for Education

    Latest Invitations to Tender (ITTs)

    Priority 1 Tender
    Critical Technologies for Q-Band EPCs
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 22 Jul 2014
    Closes on: 28 Oct 2014
    The role of satellite in collaborative adaptive bitrate streaming services
    Programme Element: ARTES 5.1
    Open from: 21 Jul 2014
    Closes on: 03 Nov 2014

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