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    24 Oct 2014 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

ARTES 3-4 Products

ARTES 3-4 is dedicated to the development, qualification, and demonstration of products such as a piece of equipment, either of the platform or payload of a satellite, a user terminal or a full telecom system integrating a network with its respective space segment.



Atlas is an extension of ARTES 3-4 to support “first flight” opportunities on board commercial telecom satellites, giving new and upgraded products developed by European industry a greater commercial chance in a very competitive worldwide satcom market

Outline Proposal Toolkit

Welcome to the ARTES 3-4 and 5.2 Outline Proposal Toolkit. This interactive online guide is specifically designed to help you prepare outline proposals to the ARTES 3-4 and ARTES 5.2 programme elements.

ESA Telecom Newcomers' Initiative

ESA offers an exciting opportunity for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) entering into the field of satellite communications with the ESA Telecom Newcomers' Initiative. This initiative is designed to support SMEs through the early stages of research and development of services for the satcom market.

News and Events

Broadband Satcom Modem Technology Workshop

13 August 2013 A workshop is taking place on 17 September at ESTEC aiming to provide insight into the next generation of broadband modem technology and some of the latest commercial products developed with support from the ARTES programme.

Innovative antenna design using the Medusa feed system wins first commercial contract

17 July 2013 A new space antenna system, developed with support from the ARTES 3-4 programme, is to be embarked on the Express AMU 1 satellite.

ARTES 3-4 Call for Ideas closes next week, 15 July

08 July 2013 ESA’s ARTES 3-4 Satcom Applications programme is seeking ideas that will improve business performance and operations, help enforce new regulatory standards, or enable improved resilience. The ARTES 3-4 Call for Ideas will be closing on 15 July.

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50 years via satellite
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