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    30 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

ARTES 10 - Iris

ARTES 10 is the European Space Agency programme to support the development of a satellite-based communication system for European air traffic management (ATM). Iris will develop and validate a new standard for satellite communications that can be used for ATM in any region of the world.


Iris Programme Video 2010

This video gives a general overview of the Iris Programme.


Iris - update to communications standard
Iris Bulletin article 2011
Iris Brochure
New Iris Logo

News and Events

Iris - update to communications standard

14 October 2013 The ANTARES Technical specifications and associated implementation guidelines have been updated and the new draft version is available here.

The Netherlands joins the Iris Programme

27 February 2013 On 26 February, the Netherlands became the 14th Member State to support the ARTES 10 Iris Programme for Air Traffic Management.

Iris Information Event presentations available for download

07 February 2013 More than 70 representatives of the aviation, telecom and space industries, as well as institutional stakeholders gathered in Salzburg, Austria this week to attend the third Information Event on ESA’s Iris Programme.

Iris Bulletin article 2011
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