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    30 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

Artemis Achievements

The Advanced Relay and TEchnology MISsion (Artemis) is still the most advanced telecommunication satellite system produced under an ESA contract. Embedded in its name is the dual nature of this satellite system that adopts a large array of innovative technologies to pave the way for a new range of satellite products and services.


Artemis on its way to final orbit (video)
ESA's currently-flying Artemis testbed
Artemis ion propulsion system

News and Events

ESA offers Artemis to industry in an Announcement of Opportunity - UPDATE

22 January 2013 ESA is offering European satellite operators a unique opportunity to obtain ownership of its Artemis telecoms satellite. ESA is organising visits both to Fucino and Redu to allow the bidders to evaluate the Artemis operational environment. The visit to the Fucino facility is scheduled for 4 February.

Artemis keeps talking the talk

04 June 2012 Although ESA’s Artemis telecommunications satellite has officially completed its mission, it still has plenty to offer. Reaching its working orbit almost 11 years ago after an arduous journey, Artemis continues to communicate with Earth.

Artemis: the ATV whisperer

26 March 2012 ESA’s Artemis communications satellite is in action again to ensure the safe arrival of Europe’s third Automated Transfer Vehicle at the International Space Station with vital supplies.

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