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    31 Mar 2015 
ARTES Elements
Tenders and Workplans

ARTES 5.1 Technology

ARTES 5.1 is dedicated to long term technological development of the satcom industry based on ESA's initiative. This element focuses on research and development of new technologies and techniques in telecom satellites, ground and user equipment for future or evolving satcom systems.

ARTES 5.1 Workplan

ARTES 5.1 Workplan 2014

Current Tenders

  There are currently no opportunities available for this programme element.

News and Events

ARTES 5.1 Template: Contract Change Notice

08 July 2014 The Contract Change Notice template should be used when a contract change is required that affects only the schedule of a running ARTES 5.1 activity. If further contractual changes are required (e.g. new or amended work package content, changes to deliverables) the standard CCN template defined in the contract should be used instead.

ARTES 1 and 5.1: Satcom Call For Ideas now open continuously

27 March 2014 ESA is pleased to invite members of the satellite communication industry from European Member States and Canada to participate in the Satcom Call For Ideas. ESA is looking for proposals for long-term preliminary studies and technology development-related activities.

Broadband Satcom Modem Technology Workshop

13 August 2013 A workshop is taking place on 17 September at ESTEC aiming to provide insight into the next generation of broadband modem technology and some of the latest commercial products developed with support from the ARTES programme.

Call for papers - Joint conference showcases satellite communications

14 February 2013 The 19th Ka and Broadband Communications Conference, hosted by ESA and the Italian Space Agency, and the 31st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference will be held jointly in Florence, Italy from the 14 to 17 October.

ARTES supports new era of bandwidth efficiency

05 September 2012 ESA’s ARTES programme is ensuring the European satcom industry stays on top of its game in the worldwide market. Working with some of the most innovative companies in Europe, ESA offers its expertise to ensure concepts like “next generation technology” become reality.

50 years via satellite
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